Salon Hostess and Director – Dr. Mingmei Yip Biography

纽约素泠琴社馆主 – 叶明媚博士

Mingmei Yip, PhD in musicology from the University of Paris (Sorbonne) on a full scholarship from the French Government. A master performer on the Qin, she has given lectures and performances at venues such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic, Columbia University, Oxford University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Beijing University, the University of Paris, Amsterdam University, Oberlin Conservatory, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the China Institute in New York. Mingmei has served as consultant for Beijing’s Chinese Qin Association 北京中国古琴会, director for Chinese Kun Opera and Guqin Research Association 中国古琴昆剧研究会理事, artistic consultant for New York Cultural Art Association, as well as on the academic board of the Chengdu International Qin Conference.

叶明媚,法国巴黎大学音乐博士,从事古琴、书法、绘画及中国音乐研究及教学多年。古琴师承泛川琴家蔡德允女士,后又受教于北京琴家陈长林先生及杭州琴家陈熙程女士。书法则受教于国学大师饶宗颐教授。 叶氏自幼习钢琴,先后跟随香港著名钢琴教育家林鸿志先生及上海钢琴演奏家顾国权先生学习。又随北京作曲家屈文中先生学作曲及钢琴即兴演奏法。后获法国政府奖学金负笈法国,在巴黎大学攻读民族音乐学同时亦在巴黎拉赫玛尼诺夫音乐学院(Rachmaninoff Conservatory) 继续进修钢琴。 其论文《古琴音乐与理论的研究》以优异成绩取得博士学位。返港后任教于香港中文大学音乐系,教授音乐史、音乐理论、乐器、专题研究及古琴等课程,后任浸会学院音乐系高级讲师。 叶氏的古琴著作包括《古琴音乐艺术》及《古琴艺术与中国文化》两本专书及超过五十篇论文。她的Qin: Musical Transmission of the Dao【琴—道家体系的传授】一文为牛津大学出版社出版。

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Also a writer, Mingmei has published fourteen books, with two on the qin, one on Chinese music, one on Zen Buddhism with her Zen paintings and illustrations, one collection of essays, seven novels and two children’s books. Her latest being her 7th novel The Witch’s Market (Kensington Books) which received a glowing review from the New York Times. She wrote columns for seven major newspapers and has appeared on over 50 TV and radio programs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and the United States.

Calligraphy and Painting

Mingmei is also accomplished as a painter and calligrapher. A one-person show of her paintings of Guan Yin (the Chinese Goddess of Compassion) and calligraphy was held at the New York Open Center Gallery in SoHo in 2002. Mingmei was lecturer and senior lecturer (associate professor) of music at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Baptist University respectively, and in 2005, an International Institute of Asian Studies fellow in Holland researching on the qin. She has taught qin playing and calligraphy at two major Hong Kong Universities.

Qin Performances

Mingmei has organized numerous concerts including the qin, Buddhist chant, Daoist music, Chinese opera, Chinese folk music, Chinese piano music, Chinese poetry recitation and chanting. Mingmei has performed in over three hundred concerts and published two books and over fifty articles on the guqin. Recently, she was invited by New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and Carnegie Hall to perform the qin and lecture on Qin Music and Calligraphy. Other musicians in the same festival included pianist Lang Lang and cellist Yo Yo Ma. Mingmei is now the hostess and artistic director of New York Qin and Calligraphy Salon.

Mingmei’s Qin Books and articles 叶明媚古琴著作


Books 书籍:

Art of Guqin Music古琴音乐艺术, Commercial Press商务印书馆

Guqin Music and Chinese Culture古琴音乐与中国文化,Zhonghua Bookstore中华书局

Qin: Musical Transmission of the Dao 琴:道家体系的传授 (论文, Oxford University Press, 英国牛津大学出版社)



Other publications 其它

World of Music 音乐天地,Commercial Press商务印书馆

Good Time on Earth 人间好时节 – 禅话禅画,Zhonghua Bookstore中华书局

Never Poles Apart 天地人间总相逢,Breakthrough Press, 突破出版社

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